2018 All-ACCAC Baseball Teams

2018 All-ACCAC Baseball Teams

2018 All-ACCAC Baseball Team

Player of the Year - Sean Roby - AWC

Pitcher of the Year - Blake Flint - PVCC

Coach of the Year - Todd Eastin - SMCC

Blake Flint PVCC Pitcher 1st
Keegan McCarville SMCC Pitcher 1st
Nick Iverson CAC Pitcher 1st
Juan Cabrera Cochise Pitcher 1st
Matt Lundh PC Pitcher 1st
Tallon Thomason SMCC Pitcher 1st
Ryan Saltonstall SMCC Pitcher 2nd
Connor Deeds SMCC Pitcher 2nd
Gage Johnson PV Pitcher 2nd
Jake Rogers Cochise Pitcher 2nd
Daniel Abiles GCC Catcher 1st
Marcus Skundrich MCC Catcher 1st
Alex Isola YC Catcher 2nd
Nick Cheema CAC Catcher 2nd
Juan Colato SMCC Infield 1st
Sean Roby AWC Infield 1st
Josh Bristyan PV Infield 1st
Liam Spence CAC Infield 1st
Conner Denning MCC Infield 1st
Ernny Ordonez CAC Infield 2nd
Alix Garcia CAC Infield 2nd
Sam Schroeder GW Infield 2nd
Tommy Sacco YC Infield 2nd
Carlos Viera YC Infield 2nd
Matt McDonald GCC Infield 2nd
Over Torres YC Outfield 1st
Jake Darrow EAC Outfield 1st
Connor Kimple SMCC Outfield 1st
Brennan Reback CAC Outfield 1st
Alonso Bibiano SMCC Outfield 2nd
Derek Hayenga GW Outfield 2nd
Antoine Mistico SCC Outfield 2nd
Kelby Richardson MCC Outfield 2nd
Spencer Packard AWC Outfield 2nd
Danny Cervantes CAC Utility 1st
Justin Lee COC Utility 2nd
Paul Steffenson MCC DH 1st
Zach Huffins AWC DH 2nd


D1 All-Region

Juan Colato SM 1st
Liam Spence CAC 1st
Sean Roby AWC 1st
Over Torres YC 1st
Connor Kimple SM 1st
Brennan Reback CAC 1st
Jake Darrow EAC 1st
Keegan McCarvile SM 1st
Nick Iverson CAC 1st
Juan Cabrera Cochise 1st
Tallon Thomason SM 1st
Danny Cervantes CAC 2nd
Carlos Viera YC 2nd
Alix Garcia CAC 2nd
Ernny Ordonez CAC 2nd
Zach Huffins AWC 2nd
Alonso Bibiano SM 2nd
Spencer Packard AWC 2nd
Alex Isola YC 2nd
Nick Cheema CAC 2nd
Justin Lee Cochise 2nd
Ryan Saltonstall SM 2nd
Connor Deeds SM 2nd
Jake Rogers Cochise 2nd
Tommy Sacco YC 2nd


D2 All-Region

Blake Flint PV 1st
Matt Lundh PC 1st
Daniel Abiles GCC 1st
Marcus Skundrich MCC 1st
Josh Bristyan PV 1st
Connor Denning MCC 1st
Paul Steffenson MCC 1st
Sam Schroeder GW 1st
Gage Johnson PV 1st
Matt McDonald GCC 1st
Name School Team
Derek Hayenga GW 2nd
Antoine Mistico SCC 2nd
Kebly Richardon MCC 2nd
Jake Halland PV 2nd
Anthony Williams PC 2nd
Enrique Porchas Pima 2nd
Hunter Lessard GCC 2nd
Ben Lewis MCC 2nd
Ryan Phillips SCC 2nd
Jake Desiderio GW 2nd
Garrett Thorton CGCC 2nd